Benefits & Pension Solutions

Through our partner relationships we are committed to providing our clients with innovative, expert benefits consulting, offering intelligent solutions in the midst of constantly changing circumstances. Through this relationship, we believe the more employees understand and appreciate their benefits, the better consumers they will become.

The following are some of the services offered through our partnership:

  1. Obtaining quotations from insurers based on detailed specifications; analyzing the quotations received; and providing recommendations in a report format.
  2. All necessary assistance in the implementation of any benefits, plans or changes including preparation of announcement material.
  3. Reviewing of policy documents and assistance in the design up-dates to the plan.
  4. Negotiations and reviewing premium rates with the insurers at renewal time.
  5. Analyzing the financial information from insurers at renewal time and negotiating with the underwriters.
  6. Assistance in design, actuarial costing and management of self-insured plans.
  7. Evaluation of retiree liabilities, cost containment, and disability management.
  8. Assistance in design or re-design of benefit programs, including Flexible Benefit Plans and Health Spending Accounts.

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